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Stolt laktoovo-vegetarian, fantasy-nörd och högkänslig hårdrockare. Högaktar Legend of Zelda och tror att fin- och fulkultur är en myt, det finns bara kultur.

måndag, september 22, 2008


Om jag bestämde mig för att vara med i ett hårdrocksband skulle jag uppenbarligen vara gitarrist. Festligt-jag trodde jag var sångartypen.

Your result for Test Your Ideal Role in a Rock Band...

Lead Guitarist

2 Talent, 4 Energy and 7 Charisma!

What is there to say? Half the world's population desperately wants to be you and the other half desperately wants to have sex with you. With your unique mix of mesmerising personality, throbbing energy and almost uncanny talent, the world is happy to be at your service and feet. Is there any single drawback to being you? Maybe that some people think you're obnoxious, just because you think and say that there's really not a thing you can't do? Well, deep inside they know that you're right. To put it philosophically: Forget Zarathustra, you are the real übermensch!

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